Untitled,1976, ink on paper, 65cm x 50cm
Untitled,1976, ink on paper
Untitled (Lists of Random Digits) 1977,Ink on Paper, 50cmx65cm
Untitled (Lists of Random Digits), 1977, Ink on Paper, 50cmx65cm
Untitled Quintet, (Random Numbers) gouache, 1979 42 1/2"x 147 1/2"
Untitled Quintet, 1979, serigraph and gouache on paper, 42.5" x 147.5"
Untitled Quartet, 1979, gouache and serigraph on paper, 42.5" x 118"
Red, Yellow, Blue 1979, gouache, serigraph on paper, 42.5" x 88.5"
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